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Holy #$%&

Tuesday 12 November, 2013

Dear Steven,

I would like to thank you for bringing the true joy back in my game as well as for my son. It has been an amazing summer. I played college golf but suffered from a mental block that kept me from truly reaching my potential. I solved putting yips with a long putter 25 years ago but since then it hit my chipping so bad that I built a long chipper that I used for 3 years! I was introduced to your program at Rick McCord center and since then my hdcp went from 6.5 to 1.8. My son also bought into your program and has gone from 10 hdcp to 5! The best however was during trip this summer to Scotland, my son Brandon aced the Postage Stamp at Royal Troon and I got it on video!


Jeff Waaland
Testimonial By: Jeff Waaland — Washingtonville, NY, United States — Golden Link Inc.

Hole In One

Monday 23 September, 2013

Hi Steven,

I haven't caught up with you in many weeks. Hope all is well with you and yours. Our summer in Ohio has been disjointed with much less golf than when I am in Naples. However, I had to tell you about yesterday. I am hosting 4 Australian golfing friends for 4 rounds of Ohio golf before they depart tomorrow for a week at Pine Valley where one of them is an International member.

Yesterday we played at the Sand Ridge club in a little east of Cleveland. It's a very good Tom Fazio course that was ranked in Golf Digest's top 100. In any event, the 17th hole, par 3 was playing at 203 yards. I used a 3 hybrid that, before your program, I had NO CHANCE beyond a lucky roll to the green. Yesterday, I hit a high, tight draw that landed 8 yards short of the pin and rolled in for my 7th hole-in-one. I cannot tell the following to anyone else but you and Rick McCord: After setting my stance and looking at the pin, I visualized the surfboard back to the ball, buried anything past the ball on the tee, and I do not recall hitting the shot except looking up and watching the flight. Just like the old Timex watch, It's still working!!

I am heading back to Florida in early October and looking forward to more and better golf.

All the best, and thanks again for your inspiration,

Rick Assini
Testimonial By: Rick

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