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program at Champions Gate in Orlando and Buddy teaches the program 

at Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael, CA.

The Fluid Motion Factor©  Players Program and Certification Program:

What PGA instructors say about the program:

Typical experiences players have with the program:

The Fluid Motion Factor© certification program is an on-line program that teaches coaches how to teach the program and can also be used for players to take their game to the next level. It is a three hour video that gives a step-by-step series of instructions that will allow your students to set up by design, what they usually experience by chance, when playing their best. This includes having the experience of time slowing down, the mind becoming very quiet, and the motion becoming silky smooth and effortless, with the ability of the body to self-correct during a swing. The certification program also includes a series of validating tests that will confirm your expertise and ability to instruct your students correctly in the Fluid Motion Factor© program.

The certification program is also for players. Any player, on any level, can go through the course and will receive a step-by-step series of instructions that will give them the ability to become more consistent. They will be watching the videos from the perspective of incorporating the program into their own game, rather than from the perspective of teaching it to others. The certification program for both categories, instructors and players, includes a one-hour Skype session with myself, Steven Yellin, to review the main points and answer any questions.

Instructors that have gone through the program include:

1. Rick McCord, Golf Magazine Top-100 instructor since 1992. All of Rick’s assistants at the McCord Academy, a Golf Magazine Top-25 Golf Academy have also been certified in the program. The McCord Academy teaches the program to every student that takes lessons there.

      2. Shelly Liddick, 2012 and 2013 LPGA National Coach of the Year, Central Section Coach of the year, and MCAC coach of the year in 2012 and 2013 at Bellevue University.

      3. Marvol Barnard, 2013 LPGA Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award recipient and 2012 Southwest Section PGA Player Development Award winner

      4. David Ogrin, a 16-year veteran of the PGA Tour and winner of the 1996 Texas Open

Players that have recently gone through the Fluid Motion Factor program: 

1. Glenn Joyner qualified for the 2014 European Senior Tour.

2. Chad Gates qualified for the Canadian Tour.

3. Fredrik Lindblom, Clayton State University. Fredrik recently won the 2014 Armstrong Pirate Invitational tournament and the Lander Bearcat Invitational. In his first four tournaments in the Spring 2014 season, Fredrik has two wins and two seconds.

4. Jesse Smith, a mini-tour player, recently won first out of six tournaments he played in and came in second in another, after learning the Fluid Motion Factor© program. Two other mini-tour players I am working with recently won events as well. Chad Gates shot a 65 to win an event and Domenico Geminiani shot a 70 in the last round to win an event. I am also currently working with Matt Richardson, former number one junior in the world who has played in two U.S. Opens and a British Open. 

4. Kymer Li, a junior at the IMG Golf Academy in Bradenton, Florida recently placed in the Top-5 in an AJGA Open tournament that gave him entrance into all 2014 and 2015 AJGA Open tournaments. Kymer also won an AJGA tournament in May that gave him entrance into the Junior World tournament at Torrey Pines in San Diego.

Feel free to email me at about any questions you may have. The program is also taught by my partner, Buddy Biancalana at Peacock Gap Golf Club, San Rafael, CA.