1. What is The Fluid Motion Factor?

The Fluid Motion Factor is a revolutionary program that teaches you how to repeat your best swing or putting stroke more consistently. It teaches you how to effortlessly access the muscle memory you have stored in your mind. It consists of concepts, 'fluid cues' and paradigm shifting concepts that help infuse deeper levels of silence in your mind that frees both your mind and your body.

2. Is this sports psychology?

No. Sports psychology pertains to emotions, attitudes, beliefs and self-confidence. The Fluid Motion Factor is a neurophysiological processes in the mind that every golfer has to experience in order to produce a fluid golf swing. 

3. Do I have to fully understand this neurophysiological process in order to be successful with the program?

No you do not. Just as there are laws of nature, there are also laws of motion that operate independent of belief. Even the most skeptical of golfers receive benefits when they go through the program.

4. When can I expect to receive the benefits from the program?


5. Is The Fluid Motion Factor for every level of golfer?

If you know the basic fundamentals of a golf swing, The Fluid Motion Factor will be beneficial to you. High handicap golfers to US Open winners have benefited from the program.